Currently Playing, 11-27-17

I played the Wolfenstein II demo and soon after bought the game during the Steam autumn sale. It runs fine on my PC, and it’s a fine and fun game so far, too. The early story setup was powerful and the characterization, like in the first, is very well done. The shooting’s been fun as well. I love B.J.’s inner thoughts you hear muttered as much as in the first one.

Wolf 2 - Manhattan

I’ve continued play in Breath of the Wild. That game is pure exploration and challenge. The game suggests a main quest, but otherwise leaves everything up to you. You must unlock the potential and, really, don’t have to do anything. But the more you explore, the more you realize you must do in order to overcome enemies, uncover the story, and defeat Ganon.

Death’s Cold Embrace is a persistently unique FM campaign. The cyclical nature of the mission settings and audio ambiance give it a character I haven’t experienced in other FMs. I’m at the fifth mission and have just entered the Dayport Hammerite Chapel. This is the first area with standard Thief II audio ambiance, save perhaps the inventor’s cellar, which I remember had a different audio mix. I am looking forward to seeing where all the story goes in this campaign, but will, of course, savor it.


It’s nearing Christmas time, and I plan to get a Switch with Super Mario Odyssey, either for myself or via request. I also want to get a VR headset, though I may be cursed to continue my habit of passing on them due to price and uncertainty of return. DOOM VFR is what’s tempting me, though the HTC Vive price tag is steep. Is it worth it? For three or more years now, I’ve been saying no.

All for now.

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