2017 End of Year Thoughts


2017 was a good year for me. One downside, though, is that I did not play as many games as I wish I could have. Horizon: Zero Dawn is on the backlog, and I’ve only just started Super Mario Odyssey and Persona 5. The games I did play were excellent, and my Game of the Year list, written for GameLuster, may be found here.

There were great Thief FMs this year, the two biggies being two campaigns, one released early in the year – Godbreaker, on January 26 – and one released late in the year – Death’s Cold Embrace, on October 25. The latter has been a work-in-progress of Yandros’ for over a decade, and the former, by Random_Taffer, was in the works for around eight years. The length of time spent on each is evident, and the wait was worth it for both. DCE is longer, but both possess compelling level design, intriguing narrative, and a meticulous attention to detail. They join the other FM campaigns as Dromed marvels that will serve as sources of inspiration for the Thief community for years to come.

Two FMs just released that I must check out, as well. A Short Night’s Work, by bbb, and Home Sweet Home, by the late Lady Rowena (released posthumously by Yandros). The latter will be very special, as Lady Rowena was a highly talented FM creator whose The Seven Sisters is one of the very best.

2018 looks to be a little quieter on the gaming front for me. I should have time to catch up on all the titles of 2017 that I missed. However, that is only in theory – you never know what can happen, and more games I’m interested in may pop up than I think.

I hope you had a satisfying 2017. Here’s to this year, and to a great 2018!


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