Currently Playing, 11-5-17


2017 has been a great year for games and Thief FMs, and I have some catching up to do.

I’m currently playing through Death’s Cold Embrace, the massive Thief campaign by Yandros and others at TTLG. Full disclosure: I’ve only played a portion of the first mission. This is a true shame, unusual for me with new FMs, but demonstrates how busy I’ve been.

I’m also playing Breath of the Wild, which I had started back in March but let get away from me when Prey came out.

I passed on Persona 5, though I may get it next year; I still have the Thief “Lost Places” contest FMs to get to; I have not yet played Dishonored: Death of the Outsider; Wolfenstein II I will likely get in Steam’s Holiday sale this year, and I’ve passed on it so far due to several complaints about the PC port in Steam reviews; and Super Mario Odyssey, along with a Switch, I plan to get by year’s end.

I wish I had had more time for games this year like in the old days. On paper, 2017 was a year made for me: a true open-world Zelda on a console (not a handheld), a System Shock 2 spiritual successor, two major Thief FM campaigns by some of the best authors (the other being Godbreaker, by Random_Taffer), and an open-world, main-series Mario title. Could it get any better? All I was missing was The Elder Scrolls VI – and time!

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