My other blog project: The Thief Diaries

Here at The Stammering Stickman I post thoughts, reviews, videos, lists, features and whatever else on games as I will. It is my outlet for game-based written and audio-visual content and journal-style entries. But I have another blog with more cohesion: The Thief Diaries.

This project was recently begun as a continuation of my work in Evangelizing Thief. I do brief write-ups of Thief missions, official and fan-made, accompanied by my gameplay videos and screenshots. Gameplay videos will include my full playthrough and a shorter highlights version of it.

The posts currently there (the first two entries) are being updated right now. The rest I plan to be final out of the gate.

Please take a look. If you’re not into Thief, this could serve as an intro guide to some of its best content. And be sure to check out Evangelizing Thief as well!

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